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    Century 3 has a proven history of utilizing state-of-the-art project management and control technologies in order to provide our clients and other participants with the best way to manage, supervise, and coordinate with our team throughout the entire process from pre-planning stages to construction and implementation.

    i-Safety App

    The app, titled i-Safety App, is a centralized platform for saving lives by predicting unsafe conditions. It employs advanced analytics on project safety auditing and observation data to create leading indicators, and even predict future risk in real time. The i-Safety app helps document workplace safety risks and incidents in seconds to maintain a 100% safe and compliant environment for all employees.


    The i-Room is a project management and data processing center based on BIM technology, consisting of a BIM work station, multi-screen system, and VR system. All hardware configurations are based on the most advanced graphic processing and VR technology. Using this we are able to render engineering BIM models in real time, letting our i-Room build an immersive VR environment for clients and any other participants to manage, supervise and coordinate every step of the process from pre-planning to building design all the way to construction.

    Medical Call System

    Medical call system is a site wide function in order to ensure prompt responses and immediate actions for any situation medical support is needed. Emergency response buttons are positioned throughout the site. If someone needs medical attention, they simply press the button and nurse will receive the signal along with the location of the emergency. This allows our site nurse to get to the emergency location in the fastest possible time. Studies have shown that the emergency response time is critical in life-threatening situations, and our site wide medical call system ensures we take the highest level precautions to protect the well-being of our employees.

    Facial Recognition System

    The facial recognition system is employed at Century 3 sites in order to ensure the best quality work for our clients and care for our employees. The system is automatically linked to the workers hours and salary and reconciled in real time. The system links automated checking of workers’ salaries received by their banks, and sends alerts and updates to the proper entities. Beyond securing worker salary reconciliation, the system compares facial features with the database, eliminating unauthorized access or excessive overtime. The system can segregate real time data presentation by worker’s trade, company and specialty, giving us the ability to continually review and improve our systems and procedures.

    Quality Management System

    As a web-based quality management system, QMS allows all drawings to be stored on a secured cloud server and accessed by either web browser, smartphone or pad. The QMS ensures the field engineers are always using the latest version of the drawings and have all available information at all times. If a deviation is found in the field, the site engineering team via the QMS can mark the deviation on the digital drawing, and this information can be sent to the responsible contractor and added to a tracking sheet to ensure it is corrected. In addition to better information management, the QMS allows engineers to spend more time in the field managing contractors’ quality rather than in the site office writing reports. This leads to better overall quality control as well as faster close out of all deviations.

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